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A business has to look into several aspects of a company website for its effective marketing. Some of them being keyword research, website audits, content ideation, content scheduling, backlink analysis, editing, outreach, email marketing and link-building.

There are a number of SEO tools available in the market that help the website owner to make their site optimized, provide better page rankings, drive more traffic, increase rate of conversion, and enhanced website visibility. In this article, we are going to look at some of the highly popular SEO tools that you must not miss.


This is a frequently cited competitive intelligence content marketing suite that enables its users to examine their website competitors and content using a backlink analysis tool and a sizable keyword database. It has a great ability to perform an elaborate analysis of the website from SEO to content marketing, SEM, SERP ranking, social media and backlinks.

Another distinctive and much appreciated feature of this tool is that it works seamlessly with Google Analytics, Google Docs, and Google Search Console. SEMRush used them to fine-tune appropriate keywords and generate fresh website content to keep your business updated at all the time.

This tool empowers its users to develop purposeful and strategic content that is being searched by audiences. This feature enables your articles to get found, to generate more organic traffic, and win conversions.

Screaming Frog

This is a popular SEO Spider tool that is used by SEO experts to gather data, figure out technical issues, provides description of all elements in a website, shows status codes, displays meta information, and offer a base for SEO recommendations.

One of the favorite features of Screaming Frog is the “Link Score” it generates to make it easy to find out when a web page doesn’t have adequate link equity. Link Score can be used to determine when a webpage requires more external or internal links built to it.


Developer of this popular SEO tool provides combination of useful features that are not seen in any other SEO tool yet. These features include rank distribution, backlink analysis and historical data for page rankings. One of the good things about this tool is that it gathers data throughout the day, and every day.


This is another top SEO tool in our list that performs the same level of backlink analysis and SEO as offered by SEMrush. This is an outstanding tool, for performing technical analysis between different business domains, keyword research and analyzing backlinks.

Ahrefs has got an extensive backlinks database and its keyword data is found to be highly precise compared to other SEO tools.  Ahrefs brings an outstanding competitive analysis tool that is very beneficial to analyze competing content or competitors, and figure out keywords to target.


We came across one of the promising SEO tools at Product Hunt website, which is designed by experts. You can also check out their 90 seconds video to know more about it, For pre launch invitation, you can visit SEObuddy.


There is no such universal tool that can meet every plausible requirement for every business on this planet. Though this list provides you with some of the top performing SEO tools, you must also learn about your business and expectations when choosing the right one for your business.