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Just How Much Of An Opioid Crisis Is There In The US?

September 11, 2019

In a bid to curb the opioid crisis that is killing some 40,000 Americans each year, the Trump Administration unveiled on Wednesday a $1.8 billion grant package to bolster treatment and prevention efforts. The funding will be awarded in a … Continued

The international crisis of mental health rages on

September 11, 2019

When it comes to having an adequate and in-depth understanding of different aspects of overall health, it is more than fair to say that mental health is the most significantly misunderstood and misrepresented aspect of fashion there is. While physical … Continued

Potential links found between CBD and epilepsy

September 9, 2019

The demand for CBD has essentially been propelled into overdrive in recent years. One of over 400 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, CBD has been plagued with controversy and heated debate ever since studies and research began to … Continued

The global addiction to sugars and sweets

August 28, 2019

Since young, your parents have likely drilled it into your head to stay away from sweets. They are a treat, a rewards… And that is probably where everything went wrong. Due to that mental conditioning and positive reinforcement, we have … Continued

The battle against addiction to regain positive health

August 23, 2019

Understanding the battle between addiction verses positive health is a practice that takes some getting used to. The complicated and often personal nature of addiction in each affected individual means that there are no two cases that are exactly the … Continued

How overall health and wellness has become a global trend

August 23, 2019

There are many health trends out there. Some of them are merely passing trends, while others go on to prove themselves as timeless healthy innovations that people tend to stick with, elevating them into lifestyle habits. And interestingly, the latest and … Continued

The Unattainable Cure for Cancer

February 22, 2019

Almost everyone knows someone who has had cancer in the past, and nearly all of us will know someone who will get cancer in the future. It’s an incredibly complex and devastating disease, and it’s inspired generations of researchers and … Continued