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In a world where we are becoming more and more aware and understanding of the true value of health and wellbeing, it is little wonder that we are living in a modern age where we are more committed and determined to empower and invest in the evolutionary process of the health and medical industries as well as all the initiatives and devices that are created an advance in accordance with these industries. Healthcare is and always has been one of the one of the most important industries and initiatives in the world. And while that has not changed, what has changed is that our approach towards understanding this industry and how we can best utilise it to our advantage has only grown the more we have become interested and aware. Never before has health data been so widely available and as a result what we are seeing is that companies like Wellue are coming to light and creating devices and initiatives that are designed and intended to revolutionise access to health data.

Technological empowerment in healthcare and medicine has managed to go from strength to strength in recent years as interest and investment have continued to propeller to new heights all the time. The healthcare devices and foundations that are available  on the market today are ones that are continuously going to further advancements and enhancements to become their best possible iterations of themselves. Wellue is a company that has created a foundation of high quality and user friendly interface as well as a collaborative effort between what is going to work best for the market and what is going to work best for the client. One example of this is the Pulsebit EX. Wellue’s personal ECG/EKG Monitor has made waves since it was first introduced to the market, with key features like a wireless interface, multiple recording durations, a noise-free operation, and wireless function. Having so many desirable features in one device makes the key product of Wellue so easy to use as well as so highly effective.

Recommended by healthcare professionals around the globe (obviously, one should always seek the advice of their healthcare professional before investing in a market healthcare device) and continuously being met with rave reviews on an international scale, the Pulsebit EX is well and truly exceeding the wildest expectations of even the most cautious individual. The Pulsebit EX is a fantastic example of how healthcare devices can and should be more convenient and efficient in terms of user friendly stability and not just what they are able to do for the market in general. This is a healthcare device that has truly managed to prove its value and continuously find itself exceeding the wildest expectations of everyone while also continuously striving to reach unprecedented and new heights in the process. Of course, this isn’t the only product that the company offers. For those that have sleep apnea, they might want to monitor their oxygen levels as they sleep. This is a hard task if you don’t have the bells and whistles of a clinical ward. Without the appropriate machines, what can patients do? Wellue discovered this problem and made Oxylink available to all on their website.

There are two types of the device. One comes with a monitoring system, while the other doesn’t have any accessories and will not be able to connect remotely to an app or system to allow the caregiver a glimpse into your health.

You will be able to monitor with this device both morning and night and it can be used as is, or connected to a free app. There’s an audible alarm if your levels drop below a certain point. This device can also be used in a small ward where the patients need to be individually monitored for any irregularities.

For those who require much more, there’s the Check Me Pro Vital Signs monitor. Specially made for medical personnel, Wellue suggests that anyone who has the least bit interest in tracking or monitoring their health levels can also invest in one. You have the option to create individual profiles for your family members, and track them individually. This multipurpose device can also be used as a thermometer, NIBP, calendar or reminder, as well as monitor your oxygen levels and blood glucose levels.

As you can see, Wellue is not lacking in any department with their highly accessible and efficient products that will take health monitoring to a whole new level of convenience, accuracy, and price. True enough, these products are affordably priced because they company wants to help people instead of simply making a commercialized product. With the patient’s best interest as heart, you can be sure that you’re putting your trust in the right hands.

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