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Open education is a concept that has just recently found its footing in recent years. The traditional educational experience demanded in-person learning and a physical location. This traditional experience is flawed in no way apart from the obvious – being location-dependent. Just as the workforce is realising the best person for the job may not live close enough to the office to come into work every day, the education industry is realising that an individual’s academic potential is in no way reliant on their ability to be able to come into class each day. Just as some companies are taking on-location offices out of the equation, education is opening a new platform for students to thrive in…open education.

Open education: accessibility and adaptability

Entirely online and available anywhere with a solid internet connection, this new way of allowing students to learn is giving millions the opportunity to choose for themselves if they want to partake in higher education – many of them having the chance for the first time. It is a life-changing switch-up to a system that has long needed it. Praised as being both accessible and adaptable, open education offered online is opening doorways and forging pathways for students that have the drive to learn, but not the physical location or the financial means to get to the physical graduate schools. In-person learning, while always valuable, is no longer the only way for students to engage and learn from. Students can now access learning materials like textbooks and resources, as well as expert services to write your papers for you, from virtually anywhere. Is it ethical to pay someone for online help with essays? Well, it is definitely better than to get the same help for free from one of your peers. There are many professional writing websites online — find the one that suits you most and stick with it, to get bonuses reserved for loyal clients.

System that brings inspiration, not uniformity

Open education inspires people to reach for more. When something as prolific as education is taken online and brought to global levels, literally anyone with the desire to learn and to reach even higher is given the chance. When people are giving the opportunity to access concepts like open education, feeling their tangible effects and rewards, they feel a profound sense of self, of purpose, and of pride. Inspiration is born there. And so the introduction of a system like open education is making students flourish from areas previously untouched – like a flower in a desert storm, some of the most impactful of the bunch are drawn from the undiscovered. It is inspiring at the very least, and absolutely life-changing at the best. When the generations that are leading humanity into this new, technically-driven future, are given access to open education are going global, the global economy of that future can only be incredibly bright.

When will education modernisation happen at last?

The education industry has been in dire need of a modernised reboot for quite some time and it has finally come in the form of open education. Open education allows anyone, anywhere with stable access to the internet, the chance to choose if they want to partake in higher education. It is a move that is changing the lives of millions of eager learners all around the world, and it is one that is shaping up to be revolutionary in all the best ways. It is refreshing (and oh so long overdue) that the education system (not unlike the workforce) is realising that an individual’s potential is not limited by their geographic or financial status.

Technology is also helpful for the modernization we wait for so wishfully — remote education, decentralization, online studying sources not limited to static libraries — all this makes the development possible and accessible not only to “white and wealthy.” What governments can do right away to help with modernization and give way to open education? First, step back on regulations. In many countries online educational platforms should still register offices and libraries (offline!) to get officially certified. Well, it is good they don’t demand a gym! Second, the best open school projects should be provided with grants for development. Grants will allow hiring the best personnel and keep the level of education high. Open education should become a result of efforts invested by states officials, educators, parents, students and business representatives.

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