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Technology has taken over, and life as we once saw it has changed. Digital is not just the future, but the present and so the economy and the businesses that run it must take that into account and change with it. In this digital age, lots of businesses have prospered and many have fallen due to their inability to adjust and innovate. However, there are definitely some industries that have prospered more due to the digital innovations than others. Such industries have not only grown in profit but also impacted lives worldwide. Many of these fall under the self-improvement category, demonstrating that people want to use digital resources in order to improve not only their lifestyle but their overall livelihood. The digital era has also allowed a large array of customer creation, with rural areas having the ability to access these innovations as much as urban areas. Some of the industries which have been positively impacted due to the digital era are the Health & Wellness Industry, the Coaching & Mentoring Industry, E-Learning, and Ecommerce. There are definitely many other businesses and industries that have changed and grown due to this transition to technology, however, the ones listed are potentially the ones with the highest level of growth. One thing that this transition to the digital era proves is that people are looking for platforms that not only improve their life but make it easy. They want to be able to do all the things they enjoy doing physically whether that be sports betting, shopping, or reading, on online platforms such as NetBet Sport, Amazon, and Kindle.

The wellness industry definitely helps individuals do what they want to do physically in the comfort of their own home. Moreover, the industry also helps individuals live a better life and improves their standard of living. This industry has grown immensely over the years, and is expected to reach upwards of $4.2 billion in global market value. This industry recognizes several different factors of people’s wellbeing including their mind, body, and spirit. As such it consists of the online exercise market, the meditation and mindfulness industry, as well as the faith and spirituality market. In the digital world more products have been released that allow people to monitor the manner in which they eat, the kind of nutrients they are taking in, how many steps they are walking, in order to help people receive the nutritionist and dietician treatment on their cell phones. Additionally, the meditation market has also grown immensely over the past few years with more apps coming out which help people relax in different settings. Apps like Calm and Headspace have showcased their value by garnering not only a large online following, but also several rounds of investment, as well as shows on major OTT platforms. However, this is not the only positive manner in which mental wellbeing has been impacted by the digital era. Because of the rise of awareness regarding mental health on social media, mental healthcare has also become more accessible. While once upon a time only the rich were expected to have therapists, today, people anywhere can get professional help online, and due to the importance of making mental healthcare more accessible it is even available for free on platforms like 7cups. Thus, the reason why the wellness industry has grown so drastically may be traced back to the most basic factor of the economy, since there is high demand thus there needs to be supply to fulfill it.

On the other hand is yet another industry that provides self improvement, the e-learning industry. One of the industries that has definitely seen a sudden growth given the conditions of the world, the E-Learning industry has benefited immensely from the digital world. E-Learning started out fairly recently but was always considered a taboo, many people did not believe in the ability to learn online and did not want to transition from traditional education. Yet, the exceptional growth of the market which is expected to exceed $325 Billion in market value shows that despite the naysayers it is here to stay. The e-learning industry does not only consist of traditional education such as higher education degrees but also courses, certifications programs, and online training. It has grown rapidly because of social media as well, as many small business owners, influencers, and coaches began to release courses online as well as training through live video and zoom. Many people have also realized the necessity of having a specific set of skills in order to get the right job or start the business of their dreams. Gone are the days where a university degree would be enough to get into some of the biggest companies. Today, companies like Google and Microsoft have removed educational requirements from a lot of their job descriptions as they become more flexible with hiring the candidate that is best for the job, not just one with a degree. Because of its ability to improve human intellect as well as enhance people’s ability to earn, it is clear that the E-Learning industry is essential, and does no wonder that its market share is increasing exponentially.

These are just a few of the industries which have been directly impacted and improved due to the digital era. However, digital marketing and people’s reliability on their technological devices have transformed almost all industries worldwide. From creating virtual fashion shows to ensure that the audience can find out about the latest trends, to the online gaming industry connecting people everywhere, the digital world continuously provides the opportunity of innovation. People will continue to increase their use of digital products, and thus, so will the need for new products and services increase. It can be expected that over time all industries will learn to properly navigate the digital world in order to create more fulfilling customer experiences and continue earning a profit in the changing economy.

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