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Startups have been growing at a drastic rate over the past few years, leading to the rise of entrepreneurs and solopreneurs worldwide. This growth can be associated with the ability to grow a business online and the minimal amount of capital required to run businesses that mostly function online. Marketing has definitely become much easier for companies today as digital marketing channels continue to grow. It does not matter whether it’s an online casino company or a luxury footwear company; chances are the audience that aims to use their products and services is out there scrolling through their social media accounts. Growing a small business online is not just about the right marketing strategy but also appropriate budgeting in regards to website designing and customer care. Nonetheless, through companies like WordPress and Wix most individuals can start a website without much experience of web designing. Thus, starting off creating a digital presence is the way small businesses can grow online with minimal capital. Yet, it is essential for these businesses to create well researched products that do well online while also leading an informed marketing strategy.

To start off it is important for small businesses to recognize that only businesses that initially require less capital to start can be grown with minimal available capital. For obvious reasons, for example, a luxury car company might fail as a small business as it requires heavy capital to begin with. However, there are several businesses that can excel in the digital world. One thing is for sure; businesses need to be available online in order to grow in current economic conditions. This is why business owners need to research their niche before launching a product. There are a variety of industries that do particularly well online such as the coaching industry, the e-learning industry, blogging and content creation industry, and even the ecommerce industry. As such, aspiring entrepreneurs can begin their careers by pursuing to create a company in one such industry. Moreover, the variety of online content that can be sold in each also varies vastly. That is, if an individual does not want to spend a lot in production, then they should opt for a business that can be run by selling virtual products, whether that be courses, consultancies, ebooks, or tickets to virtual events. Overall, a business that sells digital products or services is likely to require much less capital than a brand of physical products. In addition, digital products are also easier to sell for people starting out in the business world with no prior experience. This is because creating a website and securely selling products through it is much easier and cheaper than having to apply for a variety of legalities that come when selling physical products, having to purchase the product, and then having to ship it. Therefore, for a business owner considering the industry and type of product to sell is the best way to start their business growth online.

After deciding upon the appropriate product and service as well as industry, it is essential to create the right marketing strategy to save costs. For businesses that have just started out, it is best to try and garner an organic audience. This can be done through several different ways such as cold calling and emailing, creating viral social media content, or simply creating unique website content. Cold calling and emailing is extremely important even in today’s world and continues to be an incredible way for businesses to make sales. Even though a lot of people are afraid of conducting cold calls, they are pretty easy and also allow the business owner to recognize an interested customer in a short period of time. Moreover, phone calls and emails are practically free, thus saving money in customer acquisition costs. Apart from communication as a means of marketing, it is essential for businesses to focus on their content strategy and update their SEO while posting consistent content to ensure a ranking on Google. On average, ranking on Google with the right SEO strategy can take anywhere between 4-6 months, however, if  a business is particularly unique especially in a specific area it can definitely attract an audience through SEO in a shorter span of time. If a business does have a small budget, a good idea is to learn and implement a Google ads strategy that works within the budget. Finally, it is essential for small businesses to tackle social media marketing if they aim to grow online at all. Because of the use of social media in day-to-day life, almost all businesses can find data that explain which platform is best for which niche. Moreover, there are new social media platforms starting out every couple of months. These are great opportunities for new entrepreneurs who are not afraid to experiment with a new platform and aim to build a large audience. Video content on social media is one of the most important ones, thus, business owners should definitely take the time to learn production and delivery of high quality videos, because no matter what social media platform they aim to choose it is bound to require video content.

These are a few of the ways in which small businesses can leverage the online world to grow on a minimal budget. There are definitely many other strategies and tactics that can be used, from influencer marketing, which has definitely become an essential part of marketing strategies globally, to strategic partnerships which allow the creation of reputation as well as generation of new audiences. Overall, if an entrepreneur aims to create a profitable business, it is clear that it can be possible in a cost-effective manner, even though it will require a large investment of time, effort, and dedication.

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