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Social media has been a powerhouse since the very moment that the first social media platform was introduced to the world. On what has since grown to become a global stage, social media has effectively and successfully managed to continuously go from one strength to the next with relative ease and transparency (for the most part and in most cases, of course). First introduced to the world as a means of revolutionary international connection and communication, social media significantly proved its value early on. And in the years that have followed, social media has essentially blossomed and flourished to become a digital multitool that has proven to be successful in many applications as well as in its original design and intent. We are seeing more influence and even reliance on social media today than we have ever seen before. We are spending more energy, time, and sometimes in some cases even more money via social media. In many ways, we are a generation that is obsessed.

The evolution of social media very much came at a time where the world was functioning and thriving on a more digitally and technologically proficient basis. As time went on, the influence of social media grew and individuals around the globe began to spend more time being enveloped in the virtual landscape that lay before them, giving them the power to choose the image of themselves that were set out for the world to perceive. As one of the most influential modern inventions around the globe, social media was continuing to gain more momentum, essentially spurring it into position as a leading digital invention that was going nowhere anytime soon. In fact, it was only continuing to become more powerful all the time. And while social media did indeed open up a whole new world of opportunity, it also inevitably came hand in hand with quite a lot of negative contention. As the saying goes, it is very much a double edged sword. And which edge any given individual experienced was entirely circumstantial.

So, what is the true impact of social media? The truth is that the impact of social media is very much subsequent to any given individual or business’ interaction and overall command of their social media utilisation. There is quite a lot of positivity and negativity on social media and the fact of it all is that there is always going to be. Having so much limitless access to communication and information is both a blessing and a curse. And so finding that balance and forming and maintaining a healthy relationship with social media has never been so important. The true impact of social media can be at once devastating and then at another point uplifting. In a world where social media can breed abuse and anger, there must be the other side of it as well. And there is. Answering the question of what the true impact of social media is, is quite a complex question. And it also happens to be a question that, depending on who one asks and the like, can get a different answer each and every time that it is asked.

Unravelling and understanding the impact of social media is about unravelling and understanding both healthy and toxic utilisations of social media and knowing where the line is and how to navigate that line with relative ease and transparency. Whether it is companies like Famoid who master social media marketing for business clients, or an individual who is simply trying to navigate a healthy space through social media, the point is always the same: social media can be a positive or a negative space. And its impact can differ wildly depending on how any given individual is willing and able to utilise it morally and responsibly. In the years since it was first introduced to the world, social media has managed to continuously go from strength to strength, riding ongoing waves of modernisation that have been designed and intended from the onset to continuously allow us to be empowered in our approach to online socialisation.

Having grown to spend so much time on social media, there is also the knowledge that we are more reliant on its reaches than we have ever been. Unravelling and understanding the true impact of social media today is very much about taking the time to understand individual relationships with social media, how we find ourselves utilising social media, and how we can improve and work towards a healthier approach towards social media and forming a more meaningful and sustainable appreciation and utilisation of social media platforms. The impact of social media can be harsh and swift, and so this shift in our approach – both individual and collective – is of the utmost importance and it always will be.

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