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With the rising cost of university fees, it’s understandable that many young people would opt to forgo a tertiary education and pursue a passion project instead. After all, the prospect of starting your adult life in debt doesn’t sound appealing. With that being said, there are still many advantages to having a degree (or two) to your name. Whether you are a parent looking to convince your child to go to college or you’re a young person pondering the prospect of higher education, read on to learn about just some of the benefits of university education.

1. Having a Degree Opens Up Career Opportunities

There are many career paths that simply require people to obtain a degree qualification. If you want to be a doctor, lawyer, dentist, or architect you have to go to university. With that being said, there are other career options where you might not be required to study a particular subject, but having a degree will certainly open opportunities. The fact is the skills and self-discipline required to complete a degree are looked upon favorably by employers. It isn’t always about the subject knowledge, but rather transferable skills that make graduates attractive to future employers.

2. Greater Earning Potential

There is no doubt that higher education is expensive. Getting into debt so early in life may seem like a daunting prospect. However, it’s important to think long-term. In addition to having a broader range of jobs available to them, graduates tend to command higher salaries throughout their career. There are also opportunities for some students to carry out work experience placements during their studies. This enables them to not only earn money but to create connections in the working world and potentially secure future employment.

3. Personal Development

Pursuing a university education can make students more independent. For most young people, this is the first time they’ll be living away from home, managing their own finances, and generally standing on their own two feet. The social aspect of attending university should also not be underestimated. For many people, this is a great networking opportunity and a place where lifelong friendships are established.

4. It’s an Opportunity to Pursue a Passion

Although most young people these days are encouraged to study something practical with solid career objectives in mind, there’s something to be said about pursuing our passions. Studying something that fascinates you and something you are passionate about has the potential to make you happy. Remember, leading a fulfilled life isn’t all about material success and money; overall happiness also has value. Don’t make yourself miserable by spending years plowing through a degree you hate. Find something that intrigues you and motivates you to delve deeper into the subject matter. That way, you’ll have no regrets.

Taking the plunge and committing to university education is by no means a decision anyone should take lightly. Pursuing a degree not only requires a great deal of financial sacrifice but time too. A time that could potentially be spent traveling, working, or pursuing something that makes you happy. With that being said, there are still certain undeniable benefits to having a degree, so don’t dismiss the prospect out of hand either. Be mindful of your subject choice and also your motivations when making your final decision.

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