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We are living in a modern society that is very much Intrinsically linked to the global perception of how we view ourselves and each other. And while this perception has been in motion for decades, it is really important to understand that this is very much perception that does shift over the years. The evolution of apperception of the world around us, of one another, and of ourselves is an evolution that while it has been taken two different Heights over the years is still very much in the process of trying to shift into a healthier and more positive direction. There are many examples of this, all of which are important in and of themselves and they are valuable to consider and to understand. Consider modern society’s perception of beauty, for instance. The modern perception of beauty as one that has begun to shift in a more positive direction in recent years, however it is still one that is very much intrinsically linked to negative perceptions of the self and of others. We still have quite a long way to go before we can become even remotely comfortable in our approach to the modern perception of beauty and how we can shift that forward.

Beauty standards have always been important. From the moment that the ancient Egyptians introduced charismatic makeup through ancient techniques, beauty has been a very important aspect of humanity. Over the years our approach towards beauty and how we figure out beauty standards and beauty trends has really evolved however the general consensus has not waited. Today, we are living in a world where we are more aware of the damaging impacts of global beauty standards as well as the potentially toxic stigmas that have been put in place by the international beauty industry. We are finally shifting towards a more positive approach, however there is still quite a long way to go. The modern perception of idealised beauty is one that has been paved in toxic stigmas for quite some time. And the work to shift this towards a more positive approach is definitely work that is going to be ongoing for quite a few years yet. There is much to be said about the fact that progress does not come without some painful growth and so the approach towards modern beauty standards heading into the future is one that is being created through a period of growth.

Finally, we are shifting towards a healthier future in terms of not just how we perceive beauty standards on a global level but how we perceive ourselves and our own self worth and confidence. and this work is very much work that is being taken on with an incredible amount of attention to detail and overall emphasis on not only what has been important in the beauty industry in the past but how we can shift the aspects that are outdated and  unpleasant into a more positive light. The work is going to be quite challenging, however it is worth it because it is so important. Mental health is directly impacted by modern modern beauty standards in some ways and so it should come as no surprise that individuals are really taking the time to really readjust and realign the way that they perceive beauty standards and how they want to support the international beauty industry itself. Whether it is purchasing the latest and greatest tanning lotion to avoid brutalising their skin in the sun or choosing a more natural approach to their daily make up (or even getting rid of makeup altogether), the simple fact is that our approach towards beauty standards today is still very much shifting.

The future of beauty standards is definitely going to be one that is based on these modern beauty standards that we see today as well as an ongoing trajectory towards a healthier and more positive future for beauty standards on a global scale. Never before have we seen this much attention to detail and investment in ensuring that we are moving towards a healthier approach and one of the most historically successful Industries in the world. This is just the start and the hope is that the modern beauty standards not only now but heading into the future are going to be healthier and better all the time and so as we begin to shift towards this time it is important that we understand and appreciate that this is going to be all about active consistency. The  refusal to be actively consistent and our approach to a more positive future is one that is going to be directly correlated to the success or the failure of our hope to find a more healthier approach to modern beauty standards in the digital era and beyond.

Perception of the world around us,  of one another, and ourselves is a perception that is very much going through an ongoing evolution. Over the years, we have seen many evolutionary phases come to pass and there is a lot to be said about the fact that these evolutionary phases have been tipped into motion by the way that we collectively drift in terms of how we approach log around us and how we understand it. today, the approach of and perception of Beauty standards is one that has begun to shift towards more positive light in recent years, however there is still very much a long way to go before we can be even remotely comfortable in the approach we have. The modern perception of beauty is one that has really been crafted towards really rediscovering and prioritising healthy relationships with ourselves and with our perception of beauty standards. and there is still a long way to go, we should be also celebrating the fact that we have recognised and begun to move in a more positive direction. Now, the key is going to be consistency. This is just the start. The best is hopefully yet to come.

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