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One of the most exciting moments in creating or finding the perfect home lies in the finer details. From finding the ideal narrow block design, to implementing the home décor style throughout the entire home, everything comes under the most fine-tuned scrutiny when building, designing, and decorating a home. Traditionally, the finer details are limited mostly to design elements, such as fixtures and tile choices. Today, however, the modern-day finer details lie in technological implementation. It may sound strange, but home technology is on the rise and more and more innovations of the kind are being introduced and marketed to the public. Smart home technology is shaping modern-day homes, as well as the homes of the future, by making life at home more efficient, convenient, and ideal than ever before. Where once features like a dishwasher were the staples that home buyers looked for, the future necessities for smart home technology will include electric vehicle charging stations, smart security systems, and temperature and lighting control apps.

As more people embrace the inclusion of smart home technology in their everyday lives, the products and items on the market increase tenfold. With supply comes demand, and vice versa, and smart home technology is the perfect epitome of this in motion. Over the last few years, we have seen a rapid rise in the development and utilisation of home automation technology around the world, with the US, the UK, and Australia leading the charge. As time goes on, the smart home technology powers more and more ground, it becomes increasingly obvious that the standard home of the future will come with all the trimmings, with smart technology being embedded into every nook and cranny.

This will effectively create a definitive gap in the market for homes that have these features already built in, and those that do not. While there is not necessarily an issue with the modern home lacking smart technology, there is a lot to be said for the benefits that come with having a smart home. The developments in home technology are astonishing, and they are improving every day, becoming stronger and more well-rounded as time presses on. With new and improved additions to the market being added every week, the sky truly is the limit for innovation and further advancement in the home technology field. There is no saying just how far smart home technology will go in the future, but there is a lot to be said about the seemingly infinite grasps for opportunity that it provides and will continue to showcase.

There are the smart home technologies that are taken from home to home with the owner, such as virtual assistants like Google Home and Alexa, and there are the smart home technologies that are ingrained into the foundations of the home, such as lighting and temperature control. It is these integrated functions that will become staples of home value in the years to come, and beyond. The standard home for years past has come to place more value on household items that are convenient and efficient for the hom owner. In the past, such innovations have included the dishwasher, “mood lighting” switches, and USB port light switches. In the future, however, these will be the base model expectations for home owners and buyers, with smart home technology innovations like temperature and lighting app control, smart home security systems, and EV (electric vehicle) charging stations being a permanent fixture in the garage, being among the most sought after features of the home.

Long featured in the entertainment platforms we love so much, we are now finally seeing what will ultimately become the humble beginnings of smart home technology being rolled out in the market. Our reliance on technological implementation in our lives was always going to inevitably bubble over into the home, but it has taken far less time than previously expected for it to become so widespread. Smart home technology started with decidedly small-scale implementations, and over time these simple innovations have evolved to become more intricate, more exciting, and more sought after. As the technology expands to envelope more of the home in its reaches, it has also become more of a staple in the modern home, adding significant value and quality of life that is second to none in this transitory era.

Smart homes have gone from being a pipe dream depicted in blockbuster films and television series, to being a reality around the world. From our phones and televisions, to the virtual assistants that are prominent features in many homes today, smart home technology has more than made its mark on modern society. We are in the early stages of the entirely technologically-reliant era, but already we have found ourselves amid varying feats of smart technology that improve our lives tenfold, with smart home technology being one of the most integral of them all.

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