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The current reality that we live in is one that is incredibly uncertain. For a long time, the world seemed to be moving forward in just about every possible way. Then, little over five months ago, the first cases of a new strain of virus were reported out of China. Since then, more and more cases mounted every day and it soon became an issue around the globe. The now-global Coronavirus pandemic has created an entirely new and frankly unprecedented reality that while hopefully not permanent, has set in motion some habits that will hopefully continue on well into the future and beyond. And while the world around us continues to change shape, effectively transforming into one that encourages and embodies keeping our distance from one another to a decidedly healthy level, we have seen a massive spike in internet use as individuals are either searching for entertainment more or working from home temporarily (often times, it is both).

As self isolation laws and regulations are enforced around the globe, access to the internet has never been in such high demand around the clock. While before the rise of Coronavirus, social connection and communication was a normality, it has since become something of a rarity (at least, in terms of physical social time, that is). Bars and restaurants are closed down, movie theatres and shopping centres too, and individuals have been (fairly and rightfully) told to self isolate and stay at home unless for necessary travel. With all this newly found time at home, individuals are making the most of it by entertaining themselves. The internet is one of the biggest forms of entertainment in any case, however it has become even more so now as social distancing continues to be enforced across the board and around the globe. Individuals have never been this isolated and yet this connected. It is an interesting paradox, to say the very least.

Further, slow internet is causing more frustration than ever, as individuals around the globe are trying to access the internet pretty much constantly. Before, there were other commitments and forms of entertainment that took up a significant chunk of most individual’s time. Now, being told to stay indoors until further notice unless for necessary travel (i.e. groceries, work, medical care, mental health checks, exercise), there is more pressure on the worldwide web than ever before to perform to exceptional standards. Slow internet is inconvenient at the best of times. Right now, it is downright frustrating, to say the least. Thankfully, internet providers around the globe are stepping up and doing everything that they possibly can to ensure that their internet plans are running not only at full capacity, but to the best possible capacity. It is a work in progress, however all the efforts so far have been tremendously exciting and promising.

Now that access to high-speed internet around the clock is an international priority, it goes without saying that this is going to be a consistent matter of urgency for internet providers around the globe for the foreseeable future. Additionally, perhaps the successful innovation of high-speed internet services in such demanding times can spell a more positively efficient future for internet use after this pandemic finally comes to an end. Of course, only time will tell, however it is important to note that the current efforts from internet providers are already proving to be more than worth their weight in gold. This could very well be the start of something new. Social distancing is having a significant impact on individuals’ mental health. The internet is doing its part (and then some) to bridge the gap and keep connection and communication alive. This is an interesting time in our recent history indeed and it is only going to get better and better as the chaos and danger alleviates and begins to disappear.

Now that we are living in definitively uncertain times thanks to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic turning life as we knew it upside down, it goes without saying that we are now navigating our way through unprecedented waters. And whether it is for entertainment, work, or both, individuals are making more use of the internet than ever. This global shift in internet usage has resulted in more heightened traffic than ever. Now more than ever, having ready access to high-speed internet is more important than it has ever been. When physical connection is either off limits or extremely limited (depending where one lives), the internet provides the gateway to connection that so many people have been missing so much. High-speed internet is a top priority for the world right now, and users around the globe continue to highlight this fact again and again. There is no telling what the coming months look like, however the strength of the internet around the globe will make a world of difference (and then some).

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