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When it comes to the relationship and overall respect that individuals around the globe have for Earth, it is fair to say that it has been a decidedly tumultuous journey to get to where we are today. While of course there has always been individuals and groups who have operated widely (if not entirely) with environmental stability and overall health in mind, the unfortunate truth is that for the majority, a selfish air of Self-preservation has operated at the beginning of our collective psyche as a species. More than anything, the title change that has taken place over the years and especially in recent years has been the result of an outpouring of ongoing research and studies that have helped us to understand the world better. The understanding has come with an air of awareness that has allowed us to open our minds and understand more how the choices we make impact not only us and the way we live, but the world that we call home and the other animals that call it home as well.

The environment is mother nature’s gift to us, and it is our responsibility to take that gift seriously and to do everything that we possibly can to ensure that we are constantly taking the utmost care of that gift. This incredible gift that the world has given us to simply be alive and enjoy the beauty of the world is a gift that is not afforded to us without expectation. The expectations put in place are of course reasonable: take care of the planet and leave it behind as though we were never here. And yet, It is a task that we seem to have taken advantage of and ruined, driving to the point of no return. Having access to life on a planet is remarkable. Earth is truly one of the most special things about being human, and yet it is a point that we have also managed to take advantage of for far too long. Driven selfishly by the endeavours of furthering our own species in every possible way, we have decimated the planet to a point where climate change has been driven into overdrive.

It is no secret that environmental issues are unfortunately becoming more and more common these days. The ignorance of these (very real) climate change examples and estimations has proven to be the cost of not only life and the future of our own species, but life on Earth as we know it. Thankfully, the ongoing advancements in research and studies have allowed our heightened awareness to lead us to make more responsible choices going forward. The process to approach environmental issues more responsibly has been ongoing. Today, we are finally at the point where we are making choices with sustainability at the forefront of our minds and our decision making. Whether it is the choices in what we wear and what we eat, or the choices and how we choose to travel and how we choose to carry out life at home, there is (thankfully) more of an emphasis on living sustainably than there has ever been. 

At the end of the day, the fact is that we only have one planet to call home. And as if that we’re not important enough, our very survival relies on being more sustainable in every possible way (our selfishness tends to manifest in ways where we think about our own survival before the survival of this planet…and that is an attitude that must stop right now). We can no longer afford to put sustainability and the environment at the back of our minds. We are living in a time where environmental disasters are becoming more and more common all around the globe. It seems that every other day there is another news event (whether it be extreme weather, natural disasters, or natural occurrences of climate change, we have had a steady hand in bringing these forces barrelling forward at unprecedented rates).

Now is the time for change future generations rely on the choices that we make today and if we are not willing and able to be active and consistent in ensuring those choices a better, there will not be much of a planet to leave behind. The power of the environment is ongoing and unrelenting. Unless we are going to be smarter about the way that we interact with it and respond to it, we are going to find ourselves at its mercy. Whether it is deciding between concrete septic tank specs for a property or buying new clothes from organically sourced and created labels, The point is always that sustainability should be at the forefront of our minds and in every choice that we make. Environmental awareness is at an all-time high and now is the time to ensure that we take what we know and turn it into active and consistent practices that are healthy and positive – not only for us and the way we live our lives, but for the future of Earth and all its inhabitants.

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