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It is no secret that immigration is a topic that quite often causes unease and even straight up chaos around the world. Different parts of the world have different approaches to immigration in place, and few (if any) of them are perfect in their overall approach. However, some countries and regions are far easier to get into than others. Take Canada, for instance. This is a nation that is renowned in recent history (and all of history, for that matter) for its ongoing kindnesses and successes as a country that welcomes walks of life from all around the globe, for all different time periods. Whether you are speaking with Canada immigration consultants in Dubai, or looking at moving to Canada for two years from Australia, Canada seems to have quite a solid immigration process. This is especially true in comparison to the current process to immigrate to the United States of America. The current series of unfortunate events surrounding US immigration processes is, for lack of a better term, a nightmare – and there is a lot of work to do before that opinion becomes irrelevant.

Since current US President Donald Trump came into office, it has been one shocking turn of events after another, with sole points of positive movement peppered in between it all to raise the negative to a healthier and higher frequency. To put it bluntly, it simply is not good enough, in any measure. In the past two months alone, the Trump Administration has taken movements to essentially overhaul the legal immigration process with the goal of preventing migrants who either may want to use, or already do receive, public benefits (think food stamps, Medicaid, housing assistance, etc) from successfully getting green cards. This is an abysmal response to one of the most serious and absolutely harrowing examples of humanity in desperate need of the support of their fellow man, and being blatantly ignored by the very leaders that continuously claim they are all for a more positive world.

Currently, US immigration is in a dire state, and the entire nation has been putting their voices together to essentially create a loud, collective murder for change. It is a murder that is slowly but surely turning into a scream – and the current president of the United States is ignoring that plea. What does it say about the leadership of one of the world’s leading nations in so many other areas, that the president not only refuses to listen to reason, but seemingly does not care about the reasons or the people those reasons are protectively surrounding. Put simply, this is a scary time for US immigration, and it is a frightening time for the world going forward. Trump has proven time and again that he is a man that cares little for anyone or anything outside of himself and his own best interests, and this latest onslaught in this ongoing saga is just another example in a long line of them that proves that point.

US immigration is of course not the only national immigration process that could use some serious refinement and complete redirection. However, as far as immigration concerns go, the United States of America is about as shaky as a western country can get in terms of immigration reform. In the past, the country’s approach to immigration has been somewhat positive, but since the Trump Administration took over the White House, everything has fallen into relative disrepair. We are on the cusp of a very concerning time in the USA. Immigration is in many instances (if not all instances, as a matter of fact) a basic human right. The barring of access to that basic human right on the part of the leaders put in power to protect and empower the people, is disgusting. There are so many better ways to go about this, and it is about high time that Trump and his administration started paying attention.

Immigration is a sensitive topic from the onset. Quite often, immigration can come into discussions easily enough and be entirely railroaded by the differing perspectives on the issue. While some countries and regions around the globe have an adequate enough handle on their immigration processes, there are others who still have quite a lot to learn about healthy and positive immigration reform. The United States is one of those nations. This is especially true under the leadership of current President of the United States, Donald Trump. A man who seems to carry less regard for human life than he does for his own selfish bulldozing agenda, Trump is the epitome of a man who was made a leader without having an idea how to genuinely embody one. Immigration is just one of the many opportunities for vast improvement, but it is also one of the most crucial areas in need of improvement.

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