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When it comes to paying adequate attention to the quality of one’s overall health, it is safe to say that there are many instances where people do not often pay nearly enough attention. This is especially true now, in a time where we are more and more driven by exceedingly busy schedules throughout our days that keep us on our toes. There is not nearly enough time set aside to take care of one’s health these days. It is a fact and it is a problem that is prominent around the world. While physical health and even (and at long last) mental health are given a lot of attention, both in the media and in terms of general awareness, there is far less attention given to other important aspects of health and wellbeing. It is at once both interesting and disturbing that we pay such up-close attention to some aspects of our health, and allow others to fall so harrowingly into the unfocused background.

Sleep health, for instance, is one of the most important aspects of overall health, and yet it is not given nearly enough attention to detail or emphasis. Sleep health is crucial for many reasons, all of them worth their weight in gold. One of the most important reasons of all is the sheer importance of the quality of sleep that one has not only during one or two nights, but in an ongoing movement. When the body goes to sleep, the brain benefits the most from those unconscious hours. During the time we are asleep, our brains get the much-needed chance to rest and replenish, readying the body for the coming day while going over the events of the day that has just passed, clearing out the gunk along the way. that ‘gunk’ is the accumulation of the nasty, even dangerous stuff properties that are found in diseases of the mind like Alzheimer’s or dementia.

If the body does not get enough sleep, that gunk inevitably builds up, which causes a type of build-up that can lead to an increased chance of risk of diseases of the mind. Over the years, the emphasis on sleep health has slowly but surely become more enhanced, but there is still a long way to go. This is an aspect of overall health that has long been ignored, but finally the tides are beginning to shift. The sleeping habits that one maintains are the very same habits that cultivate to create the way that our bodies learn to try to adapt. The problem here is that if the adaptations in question correlate with unnatural wavelengths in how the body functions, then the body naturally begins to function in ways that are decidedly classed as being ‘out of the ordinary’.

Over time, this can manifest in ways that are not only unusual but potentially dangerous. So, of course, sleep health is crucial to overall health, quality of life, and wellbeing. The sheer importance of its role in overall health cannot be overstated, and that is why there is such a need to raise awareness and increase knowledge. The sleep quality that an individual maintains can and does have a dramatic impact on the quality of the life that individual in question leads. It is for this reason that sleep health is so instrumental to overall health and wellbeing of all of us. We are finally seeing some healthy and positive shifts in the way that these truths are brought to the helm, but there is still a long way to go. We are currently amid a transitory time where sleep health is finally, at long last, crossing the barrier between being a somewhat known element of overall health, and being recognised as a core element of overall health that it truly is.

It is no secret that in this modern era, we are not paying nearly enough attention to the importance of upholding and taking the utmost care of our overall health. While some aspects of our overall health – think physical health and mental health – are given the appropriate attention, there are other aspects of overall health that are not given nearly enough attention to detail or emphasis. Sleep health is one of them. The quality of one’s sleep plays an incredibly important role in the overall health and quality of life that individual experiences throughout their life. That is why it is so important for there to be more of a steadfast emphasis laid bare on the importance of sleep health and the impact that sleep – or lack thereof – has on the health and wellbeing of an individual. More emphasis is needed, but we are thankfully shifting towards a more prominent movement towards adequate awareness and understanding of what that means and how we can embody those ideals.

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