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We live in a modern world that, like it or not, is positively dominated by social media. This is not new news, this is a known fact, and it has been for a while. The modern world that we live in today is one that is positively dominated by social media influence, among other technological advancements. To ignore this fact is not only foolish, but potentially dangerous. Why? Because while social media can be a very positive environment, it can also be a shockingly negative one. The more that social media platforms became mainstream sensations around the globe, the more obvious it quickly became that people were going to continue to give more and more of their attention and energy to their virtual profiles. It was not long before it became glaringly obvious that the love for social media was bordering on obsession. As such, obsession often manifests in negative ways, and the circumstances surrounding social media are no different.

Before delving into the negative, it is important to first acknowledge that social media can be an incredibly positive environment. Take influencers who care for their following, or even companies like Famoid that specialise in assisting social media personalities to become famous, for example. These are prime examples of experiences and innovations where the positive side of social media shines through and brings out the potential for the best in everyone. In social media, many people find a support network that often becomes at least part of their mainstream support network. This is incredibly important because the more that people entrust data and information to social media, the more obvious it becomes that this is information that houses the potential to be toxic in nature. Therefore, a support network that you can trust and rely on, and vice versa, makes the world of difference. And while it would be lovely to know that social media is all rainbows and smiles, that unfortunately is not the case. In fact, in some instances, the polar opposite proves to be true. 

The importance of protecting oneself on social media has never been more important. It seems that the more importance we place on social media presence and perception, the more challenging it often becomes to find one’s way out of the chaos of keeping up with the landscape that is social media. More and more often, research and studies are conducted on the pressures and stresses of social media implications, and these reports are often supported by studies that have real-time figures on just how toxic social media involvement can prove to be for those who openly admit to struggling with mental health struggles even prior to their involvement in social media platforms. The mental health of social media users is something that is continuously called into question, as the number of individuals struggling internally, and subsequently active on social media, continues to rise. The pressures of living in a social media-driven era are immense, and especially for younger, more impressionable individuals, they (unfortunately) often manifest in decidedly negative ways. 

The digitally-inclined modern world that we live in is far beyond the point of return. There is no going back from here. And while it is important to acknowledge that social media is indeed often a positive environment, it is just as crucial – if not more so – to be aware that social media is, for many people around the world, a toxic habit. The need to fit in, to be accepted, in the virtual world in addition to the real world, can unfortunately prove to have catastrophic consequences. It goes without saying that the modern world has a love/hate relationship with social media, and as the innovations surrounding social media continue to evolve and expand, so too will that relationship. At the end of the day, it is our responsibility to not only protect ourselves on social media, but to be an active and consistent support for those around us who are struggling under the weight of modern acceptance on multiple plains. Life is too important, and the risk is too large, to ignore the call to reason.  

Social media is one of the most exciting and innovative technological transformations in recent history. While social media is an overwhelmingly positive environment much of the time, it can also be a devastatingly dark place at times too. The nature of social media is all about extending the possible, the reality, to the virtual landscape. But the flipside of that nature is that, despite the best intentions, it can take a turn for the worst. The more popular that social media has become over time, the more driven people have become to ensure that they have an active and positively perceived presence online. This is where mental health comes into play, and it becomes exceedingly important to protect oneself, and to look out for others, in the landscape that hinges so dependently on social media domination. Lives literally depend on it, and life is too precious to risk in any capacity. Yes, social media is often a positive space, but it can also be dangerous, so we must exercise care and caution.

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