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The landscape of fashion is one that is always evolving, raring to bring the next heights of the fashion playground to life. There is a certain element of freedom and self-expression that comes with fashion, and more and more often these days, younger generations are growing by the thousands, causing definitive shifts in the fashion landscape that are changing the face of fashion the world over. There are new trends coming out of the woodwork all the time, and they are becoming more and more prominent forces. The latest trend to prove itself an ongoing rising force in fashion is none other than sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion is an approach to fashion that is entirely pivoted towards the ecological and moral approaches to style that frankly, should always have been front and centre. While in the past, fast fashion and high fashion have been definitively (if not wholly) bound to unsustainable and otherwise unappealing (but nonetheless widely accepted) standards, that is no longer the case.

Sustainable fashion is the aim of the game these days, and it is a movement driven largely by younger generations who are demanding better approaches to industries. These days fashion-forward consumers are being more sustainably conscious (in every sense of the term) of their consumer choices – especially in fashion. Whether it is finding that perfect bag that becomes a wardrobe staple, or locating the best online tie retailer, or anything in between, consumers are prioritising sustainable fashion more and more often. There is a growing awareness of just how significant an impact fashion has on the way of the modern world and where this world is heading. It is an awareness that is uncomfortable to come head to head with. In a world where the clothes on our backs can have an astounding impact on the health of the planet we call home, it is more important than ever that we are aware and happy about where we are getting our style staples and wardrobe pieces from – and how exactly the process of them getting to us goes.

Sustainable fashion has been a niche for a while now, but it is only in recent years that it has steadily become a rising fundamental standard in fashion. Today, sustainable fashion is a fashion trend that only continues to become more prominent all the time. The world we live in today has been drastically impacted by the fashion choices that ultimately, we have allowed to happen. Further, these are impacts that are hardly (if ever) positive – until sustainable fashion became a mainstream global sensation, that is. Sustainable fashion has introduced the world to a more environmentally and morally conscious approach to fashion. This relatively fresh approach to fashion is one that is consistently becoming the top (if not sole) priority of modern consumers, and it only continues to go from strength to strength all the time. These days, sustainability is consistently hailed as and referred to as the new luxury standard in fashion.

It is a movement, in fact, that is so prominent it has caught the attention of luxury fashion houses around the world, spurring them into action as well. Some of the biggest brands in the world, including Stella McCartney and Allbirds, have either come around to the sustainable fashion movement (McCartney, etc) or have been built entirely on the grounds of sustainable fashion, right from their very beginnings (Allbirds, etc). Either way, it is impossible to deny that sustainable fashion is the aim of the game these days, and that is not likely to change any time soon – if ever. The world as we know it has become more and more prominently focused on sustainable living, and with fashion being one of the world’s largest and most profitable industries there is (or ever has been), sustainable fashion is a massive impact that the world has thankfully jumped on board with. Not only is the sustainable fashion movement better for us and future generations, but for all other living species and planet Earth itself.

Fashion is an industry that has been in a constant state of evolution for its entire existence. Now, it is an age-old industry that has finally seen the light and begun to make big moves towards ridding itself of fast fashion and unsustainable fashion. This industry-wide movement is ongoing, and it is largely thanks to younger generations who, more and more often, are realising that the choices and impacts they make today, will have a significant impact on the world tomorrow. Sustainable fashion is their latest and greatest demand, and it is a demand that the entire industry is rising to the challenge of bringing into consistent action. From small boutiques to global luxury fashion houses, and everywhere in between, sustainable fashion is well and truly on the rise, and the revolution is only just now kicking into high gear. The best is yet to come when it comes to sustainable fashion, and that is a realisation worth celebrating – not only for us and our fashion choices, but for planet Earth.

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