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Technology is meant to be utilized as a tool for creating an increased efficiency when it comes to manually doing something. Technology can be stigmatized in the media and in reality to also open a generational gap between those who grew up with technology integrated into their everyday routines and others who were born in a more traditional time. These types of generational gaps only grow from people doing things differently, a quick chat with an elderly will tell you that fast business loans by Quick Loans Direct are not a thing of the past, but rather something that only this generation has the privilege of knowing and using. 

Younger generations view mobile technology as a way to increase their time efficiency. By using the internet to search something, they have eliminated all the time it takes to call or research their question. However older consumers view the continued technology increase as something that takes away from the natural interpersonal communication that humans do on a regular basis. With technology being a part of many life facets, there are too many categories to necessarily blame one for being a communication inhibitor. Technology can be everything from a computer to a transcriber helping to type recorded messages. 

Transcription technology helps companies increase their efficiency in time and money spent. Outsourcing transcriptions allows industries the ability to focus their efforts internally while allowing an external factor take care of something that would otherwise take time and effort from an internal employee. By hiring a transcription company to utilize a third party member expert, a company can ensure they are getting quality service and eliminate another to do off their list. Some third party transcription businesses even offer on site services. A major concern many companies have when it comes to transcription services is the matter of keeping information confidential. By hiring the proper company, this worry should be at ease. The right transcription company can guarantee complete confidentiality when it comes to dealing with sensitive information. There are also varying types of transcription services available. From business and legal transcription, to medical and law enforcement, there are many needs for these types of services in a multitude of industries. 

Aside from transcription technology, other types of technology are also unique. Transcription technology usually focuses its effort among business to business relationships. For the consumer side of technology, virtual assistants are becoming a large household must have item. Just like a transcription typist, virtual assistants can help in a lot of different ways. Varying brands are beginning to produce their own virtual assistants that help consumers eliminate the need for manual entries. For example, these type of systems can research, call, play music, and even be integrated into home technology. For some, the virtual assistant is the essence of a smart home. Even a few decades ago, the thought of having a smart home with a virtual assistant was but a dream parodied in movies, but now, that once joking dream is now a reality. For many, their home is completely integrated with technology controlling every aspect.

Virtual assistants can be asked questions about the daily weather and scores of the game very similar to acts of a smartphone. The processing power allows it to be connected to the technology systems within the home. For example, on movies and in shows with nicer homes sometimes the person will say “dim the lights” and the lights go dim. This type of voice command ability is a huge leap for technologists and engineers looking to help increase daily efficiency. The voice command technology being integrated into the actual home gadgets creates a whole new generation of living. The possibility of not having to even flip a light switch is becoming a very real part of reality. For some smart homes, they have the ability to turn water on and off in faucets and the shower or even automatically flush toilets. All of these mentioned tasks and accomplishments is just showing another way of how technology helps increase efficiency and cut down on time spent doing mundane activities. 

For businesses, investing in the proper technology to help increase daily, weekly, monthly, and annual efficiency can be highly beneficial. For consumers, this life rule also applies. Understanding what type of technology or service that is needed will allow in the best investment possible. Making a purchase for a product or service that is unnecessary won’t be helpful in the long run, but by conducting proper research on items and services that can be beneficial to the business or consumer will be a step in the right direction. Technology is meant to be a helper to all types of businesses and consumers as well as way to solve small and large problems alike. In order to keep advancing society, technology must be used. It should not be viewed as an inhibitor of communication, rather a helper of all things in the world. Technology isn’t going anywhere, if anything, it will continue to expand in all directions. For this reason, all types of businesses and consumers should learn all types of technologies that they can to stay updated and ahead of the field. 

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