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When one thinks of the industries that form the basis of a smooth-running society, the funeral industry is not typically one of the industries that first springs to mind. The nature of the industry is quite dark, and for that reason, people do not generally think of the funeral industry unless they are having a current experience with the industry. Death is never easy to deal with, and so it pays to have people around you who know how to deal with it. That is the very reason that the funeral industry is a pillar of society; because without it, going through the motions of organizing a goodbye to someone you love is difficult (to say the least). The funeral industry has made itself known by alleviating the tragedy somewhat through taking care of the process for the grieving. Without this industry, dealing with death would be significantly more difficult (if that can be believed).

funeral is literally the ritual that helps to celebrate the life of a loved one, while effectively passing them on to the great unknown. It sounds simple, and maybe at the base line it is, but because of the stark differences between all of us, funerals are most enjoyable and successful when they reflect the unique traits and loves that the person had. The touch of personalization in a funeral can, and often does, make the difference between a beautiful send off and a haunting goodbye, and the difference is very important. Nobody wants to experience a funeral that is any more uncomfortable than it has to be, just as nobody wants their own funeral to be a discomforting event. A funeral service is all about doing the person and their life justice, and what is why there is such a high level of respect for those who work in the industry. There is a heightened level of empathy and sensitivity that is vital to the job.

Working in the funeral industry demands a level of sensitivity to the process, and empathy to the grieving and the deceased. If you work in the industry and detach yourself to the point of not thinking of the people as the individuals they were, then it is not the industry for you. Funerals are incredibly difficult, and as such they must be treated with the same empathy and respect that you would want for your loved ones if they were to lose you. The people who work in funerals are those that have a keen sense of these ideals, and they are willing and able to go to work every day being in touch with them from the offset. That is the reality of working in an industry as confronting as the funeral industry. Being the calm presence that helps people to navigate the challenges of losing someone they love is a gift, and if you have it, then it makes you a pillar of strength in a time where everything can feel chaotic.

It might seem strange to think of an industry that exists to serve the dead as well as the living. Everything from casket prices to flower arrangements, and everything in between, is taken care of through the funeral company. Organizing all the details, right down to the smallest, most intricate finishes, is all part of the process, and it goes miles in letting the grieving know that everything is going to be okay, that they do not have to worry about a thing. There is an immense amount of organization that goes into helping any grieving loved ones go through a loss, and perhaps the most important element of all is organizing and perfecting how the family and close friends receive the service. While a funeral is of course about honoring the deceased, at the end of the day it is really about comforting and respecting the grieving, for they are the ones left behind. This is the single most important aspect of funeral services.

The industries that serve as the pillars of society are the very same industries that are special and unique in and of themselves. When one thinks of each of those industries, perhaps the most surprising of them all is the funeral industry. Due to the uncomfortable nature of death, most people generally do not think about it, or the process that surrounds it, unless they are currently experiencing an incident that correlates with the industry in some way. However, nonetheless, the funeral industry is a pillar industry in society, and it forms the basis of handling the human spirit, in all its forms. From the grieving loved ones left behind, to the deceased, and everyone in between, the funeral industry and those that work within it are charged with taking care of every party involved in the process. It takes special people to work in the funeral industry, and without these people and the industry itself, instances involving death would be even more challenging to deal with. 

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