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Understanding the battle between addiction verses positive health is a practice that takes some getting used to. The complicated and often personal nature of addiction in each affected individual means that there are no two cases that are exactly the same. But at the very core of it all, addiction is most often (if not always) a method of escape for the person struggling with the strain. While addiction often manifests differently in different people, it practically always comes back to the same fundamental core. That makes it easy to at least understand how addiction might have surfaced in the first place, but then there is the ongoing battle of understanding each case as it is presented. As one of the most harrowing and impactful drains on positive overall health, addiction is a furious disease that, once it takes hold, can feel impossible to shake. What often starts out as a casual use of an addictive (and often, if not always, illicit) substance festers over time to become a daily activity that the individual becomes reliant on. And that is where the real horror starts to take root.

These days, the legal gap between what should be legal and what is actually legal in terms of illicit substances is becoming more and more realistic all the time. All over the world, for instance, there are countries where you can buy marijuana-related products and do your research. Until recently, this was a substance that was illegal the world over, but multiple research and study cases in recent years have proven the effects of marijuana not to be violent, negatively addictive (if addictive at all), or otherwise decidedly negative. But for the substances that are illegal for good, solid reason (think heroin, cocaine, ice, ecstasy, etc), they will always remain illegal while good sense persists. Addiction is not a joke, and now that the world is finally catching on that not all illegal substances (i.e. marijuana, CBD oil) should be illicit, there is a much more realistic view of the nature of addiction and what it means for those affected.

The use of illegal substances is, of course, treated as criminal actions, and when caught, prosecuted appropriately. While this is enough of a consequence to warn most people off temptation (if they even feel the temptation in the first place, that is), it is unfortunately not always enough for those who feel the weight of struggle in their lives, and want a way to effectively escape that negative weight – even if only for a little while. Addictive substances often start out as temporary measures to escape, but over time the effects they bring to those who use them become addictive, and that is where the pressure mounts. Once addiction is rooted within an individual, it becomes like a dark cloud. This dark cloud becomes heavier and heavier, and can feel impossible to budge even the slightest. In a world where it feels like everything is mounting against you, pressing down on your shoulders, an addiction can feel more like a saving grace – even though that is not what it is at all.

The health issues that addiction causes or makes worse should not be taken lightly, and in cases where the health of individuals is put in such a severely negative place that it becomes life-threatening, addiction can and unfortunately often does become deadly. Individuals who become addicted to their chosen poison often drown themselves and their systems in it. The dose or shot they once took that got them their desired high is no longer effective. They begin to use more often, and in larger doses. It becomes increasingly difficult to see through the fog and into the light, and the darkness begins to harden, solidifying around the individual until they finally realise the reality (if they ever get to that point at all, that is). In their quest to achieve the same escape, the same high, as they did when they first started using, they use more often and more fully, and this is when overdose often occurs. Some are lucky, in a way, to survive an overdose, but others lose their lives in their toxic quest.

The harrowing nature of addiction is something that individuals the world over struggle with. By no means is addiction a geographical issue, but instead a global problem that can – and often does – affect anyone, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. While each individual case of addiction is decidedly unique in and of itself, the root of the cause practically always runs back to using addiction as an escape – at least, in the beginning. Addiction often starts out as a fun momentary escape from the challenges of the world, but over time it becomes more and more of a habit, until the affected individual begins to become reliant on the substance they are using. Addiction is one of the most harrowing and overwhelming drains on positive overall health, and it is a health issue that millions of individuals the world over grapple with in their everyday lives. Regaining positive health is an ongoing battle when it comes to addiction, but it is a battle that is entirely and undeniably worth fighting. Patience truly is a virtue, and it takes a massive amount of time and understanding to right the ship.

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