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Eco Warrior Princess is about fashion, eco friendly jewelry and style. It’s about stimulating the senses with colors, textures and patterns in ways which are ecologically sustainable. It’s also about your journey to find the right balance between form and function.

The search for effective and sustainable designs can lead us in many directions. It’s pervasive. It can even be called a “journey”. We can also define eco-friendly home improvements as a lifestyle change, where the effects are long-lasting.

Let’s follow a path toward home improvement, where the balance between form and function become especially important. Let’s do away with traditional definitions and expand on the ideas which actually improve the home and enhance your quality of life in ways which are eco-friendly.

We can start with some rather conventional ideas, but with an eye on an eco-friendly theme. For example, choose that perfect shade of orange or yellow to beat down a bad day at work and turn your home into a sanctuary. Choosing an eco-friendly paint serves both the environment and your peace of mind.

Now, let’s go beyond paint and window treatments. Let your vision of a home spill out toward the garden you’ve been dreaming about. Bring those long-held ideas to fruition with colors, shapes, and textures which set the mood, whether it’s to relax or excite. Tie into the world around you, by attracting birds and bees. Become inspired by the ideas of others.

As we transition to the more functional side of the home, we certainly shouldn’t exclude aesthetics or choices which contribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Form and function are a balancing act between what your home says and does. What it “says” can come from your artistic expression and reflects your personality. Likewise, what it “does” is can be a reflection of how you act – especially in terms of the environment. Energy Star appliances, double-pane windows, and programmable thermostats will no doubt save energy and money. However, it can also demonstrate your interest in keeping a small carbon footprint. It’s good news that more of us are becoming vigilant about our impact on others.

Form and function can find common ground too. When you plant a tree, for example, you’re providing shade. It can easily affect both the aesthetics and energy efficiency of your home. Do you have hot air ducts which are visible (as is the case in many urban dwellings)? What color will they be in order to provide much needed contrast?

Assess what you have, determine what you need, and start digging for ideas. It can be surprisingly fun! There’s a wide variety of ideas which suit an eco-friendly lifestyle – some more ambitious than others. They can range from incredibly simple habits for reducing energy consumption, like unplugging so called “energy vampires” to replacing the insulation in your home. They all vary in terms of environmental impact. If we’re looking at product selections, limit the use of polymers if a non-synthetic alternative performs about as well.

Enjoy your home. Experience peace-of-mind knowing that your choices have affected those around you. 

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