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Home design is always changing as art trends shift and time progresses. There are a few trends of 2019 that you won’t want to miss as a home owner or a renter. You can keep your living space up with the times, while having it be a space that reflects your personal style. 2019 is the year of big design shifts, here’s the latest:

Mattress Companies Are Getting More Innovative

Companies are finally marketing mattresses well in 2019. This has meant that more millennials and home designers are placing emphasis on quality mattresses. If you are due for a new mattress, you will definitely benefit from finding the best mattress brand for you. This all depends on your sleeping style and price range. There are companies that can even send you mattresses in a condensed package—crazy, right?

You might not see mattresses as specifically design-related, but people are putting way more emphasis on home comfort as a whole in 2019. These companies are marketing themselves towards trendy designers who might have more of a say in fantastic mattress brands. With that being said, expect more innovative and trendy mattress e-commerce companies to pop up in the coming months.

Sustainability: Less is Becoming More

Minimalism has been a hot trend for one or two years at this rate, especially after the release of the Netflix documentary Minimalism: a Documentary About the Important Things. Designers and home owners are taking a look at what is really important in their lives and living spaces. This is a trend many people are seeing the value in. People are ridding their living spaces of clutter and making room for simple design transitions. No more buying bulk candles that will collect dust in a closet. Designers are pushing clients to be more selective about their home decor choices.

Designers are transitioning spaces from busy and overstimulating to simple, refined and sleek. Homes of all sixes are opting for neutral colors and simplistic art installations. This is also sparking a trend of simple symmetry, such as repetitive art pieces aligned with each other on a wall. Take a look at your space and see if this trend is something you can put into action. It’s safe to say the eclectic clutter trend of the past has gone out the window.

Living Spaces that Are Integrated with Nature

This trend is taking off in the travel industry and interior decorating industry. Home designers are looking for ways to create open living spaces, such as a sliding door in a kitchen that opens it up to a backyard. Design is moving towards welcoming nature instead of keeping it out. There are more homes taking design risks such as interesting indoor and outdoor plants. There also is often a continuity of the plants chosen inside and outside.

Gendered Rooms are Becoming Increasingly Tacky to Designers

Gendered rooms are definitely a thing of the past. They aren’t necessarily frowned upon, but they don’t allow room for children and teens to pick their space and be creatively open. Having a gendered color assigned to a room limits creative potential. If you are expecting a child or want to redesign a room to look neutral, take tips from the minimalistic approach. Pick a color that is unassigned to gender and is just generally enjoyable. Pink and blue rooms are also a bit overplayed, so this trend is welcomed by many.

Texture Is In and Color is Out

Designers previously were scrambling to find statement furniture that feature a bright color like magenta or neon green. This trend is being trumped by texture. Designers are mixing a bunch of textures in neutral colors as opposed to overdone statement colors.

This trend is refreshing since color was so popular for so long. Color of course is welcome, but the hot new thing is textured fabrics in neutral tones.

Wallpaper is In Again

Designers looking for a statement chair or sofa are looking at wild wallpapers instead. The neutral furniture does leave some room for fun in some rooms. Wallpaper is the answer. For example, fun florals and zebra print are great choices for a fun personal office in your home. Bold furniture is moving out of the popular design world and bold walls are moving in. The whole statement wall trend is out, but there is an exception if that statement wall is wallpaper.

If you want your home to be with-the-times, take these tips or even better: hire a designer to get it right. The main thing to remember is to never take trends too seriously if you know what you want. Individualism is a trend rising in many industries, as well as in home design. Find a way to take these trends to your home, but with a personal touch. After all, you’re the one who spends the most time there.

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