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Throughout recent history, our interest and investment in digitalisation and technological advancement has spiralled upward, becoming more prominent with every passing moment. We are positively immersed in and surrounded by all the technological innovations that we have ever wanted, and we are bringing more to life every single day. Now, as we head into the digital era, we are finding that there are some technological inventions that are evolving from their intended phases, taking on a new iteration to impact the world in exciting and new ways. Consider the modern multitool of the digital era, social media, for example. The evolution of social media has been nothing short of awe-inspiring, but it is far from over. From the first introduction of the very first social media platforms, to its global influence in multiple aspects of everyday life today, social media has proven itself time and again to be the ultimate multitool – a turn of phrase that has never been as true as it is today.

In the beginning, social media was designed purely as a virtual platform network that would allow individuals to communicate across oceans within milliseconds. Prior to the introduction of the first social media channels, and before the internet became a global wonder, international communication was costly and time-consuming, even tedious. It took weeks, even months for letters and packages to make their way from one destination to another, and it cost a small fortune at the time as well. When the internet burst onto the scene, change was tingling in the air. And then came the arrival of the first social media. Suddenly, international communication was not only cheaper, but faster. Individuals could send messages across oceans within seconds and receive a reply just as quickly. Instantaneous connection was finally, at long last, a reality. Everyone was hooked. Over time, our fondness of social media spiralled into what some would call an obsession. This obsession bloomed and flourished, and it didn’t take long before our obsession verged on the brink of a reliance.

That reliance caused a swift change in the way individuals responded to life around them including, as it turns out, the advertising and marketing efforts that businesses were launching in their direction. So, realising that they were beginning to lose their footing and their consumers’ attention, businesses the world over started to look at social media as less of a problem for business, and more of an opportunity to think outside the box. This is when companies started to use social media as an advertising and marketing strategy. Aptly referred to as social media marketing, this was a facet of digital marketing that, straight off the bat, proved to be incredibly beneficial. Businesses gained back their business – and then some. Thanks to the internet being such a globally inclusive landscape, businesses realised that not only were they quickly gaining back favour with their existing client bases, but they were becoming more popular to potential global consumers as well.

Social media marketing can be used for individuals as well, not just businesses. For some people, they lean in to the idea of growing their platform, but choose to go about it by finding out how to buy Instagram followers, rather than spending the energy and time to organically grow their platform. No matter the purpose, no matter if a business or a sole individual, it is clear that social media itself is considered an effective marketing strategy. Through social media marketing, businesses and individuals alike can bridge the gap between traditional marketing efforts and modern technology, using both in collaborative efforts with one another through social media technology, and enabling the type of growth that was not possible before the introduction of the internet and, in turn, social media. Now, social media marketing is the leading digital marketing strategy in all the world, and it is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon; if anything, it is gaining more traction as time goes on.

Technological advancement and rapid digitalisation are two modern models that continue to impact the world in new and exciting ways. It seems that everywhere one turns, there is an element of technological grandeur and excitement that enhances the world in one way or another. Now, as we dive deeper into the digital era, there are some technological inventions that have proven themselves to be immensely special not only in their intended design, but outside of the box as well. Social media is, without a doubt, one of the most thrilling of them all. Since the dawn of its inception as a digital network for global social communications, social media has evolved to become all that and so much more. Today, social media is not only the single largest, most convenient and efficient, and even the most influential form of international communication and connection, it is also the multitool of the digital era, transforming into the leading digital marketing strategy in the modern world. And this is just the beginning for the thrilling advancement; the best is yet to come.

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