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These days, technology does not just refer to the electric revolution, or the way that we connect across oceans. Today, technology has disrupted practically every aspect of modern life including, as it turns out, life at home. The technological revolution has been ongoing for years now, but it has never been as prominent as it has become in recent years. In a move that might be somewhat surprising to some, the propelling of technology onward in recent history has been towards a decidedly more organic direction. There are more green technologies than ever, and all are aimed at making life more comfortable and efficient, while simultaneously working to have a positive impact on the environment and the planet. And at the forefront of these green technologies? Solar energy. Essentially, solar power is the process of converting the energy of sunlight into electricity. This is achieved either directly (using photovoltaics), indirectly (using concentrated solar power), or through a combination of the two approaches. It sounds awe-inspiring, because it is. It sounds life-changing, because it is. And it is changing life at home tenfold.

The journey to this point has been ongoing, and it continues even today. In 2017, solar power received more investments than coal, gas, and nuclear power combined, according to a report from the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) that was pulled forward in 2018. Specifically, global investment in solar power rose 18%, totalling $160.8 billion, in 2017. This remarkable growth was predominantly driven by the Chinese market, but powered forward by the rest of the world as well. These combined global efforts have ensured a new era in technological innovation – especially at home. We are personally responsible for our technological use in our homes, and so when solar power first became a notion that was not only promising, but tangible, homes began to invest in the technology, hopeful for what it could make possible in the near future, as time went on. After all, it is all well and good to use technology for our own means, but we cannot continue to do so without the planet, can we? So, solar technology and other green technologies are paramount to the future.

It was an investment that obviously has proven to be not only personally successful, but environmentally sustainable. Sourcing out the best solar company can be quite a process, but it is definitely worth it when one considers the profound impact that solar energy can have on the quality of life at home, and the impact on the planet itself as well. Solar power has been working hard to transform life at home by making our most utilised spaces more environmentally-driven, and ensuring that the foundations and building blocks of solar are geared towards the most notable and reliable future: a future that is powered by green technologies, and driven upward to new heights by solar technology. There is a lot to be said about making environmentally-conscious choices these days, and solar power is one of the most awe-inspiring and life-changing choice one can make – especially in a world that is so heavily dominated by other, more dangerous and environmentally volatile technologies.

Solar energy is all about giving the most positive experience to us, as well as to planet Earth. Many other forms of electricity have a significantly negative effect on the environment and the planet, but solar energy is one of the rarities that genuinely and consistently works to improve our interactions and overarching impact on the planet. And there is a new exploration in solar technology that is giving people renewed hope and focus on the technology. Perovskite is the most abundant mineral on Earth. Known as a third-generation solar cell (silicon being the first, and multiple other rivals – including thin film – being second), this mineral promises more efficient and lighter solar panels, the likes of which could very well be made semi-translucent (making them the perfect building blocks for windows, and effectively having the potential to take solar energy to new heights).

Technology dominates in this digital age that we live in. We have never been as immersed in, or surrounded by, technological gain, as we are today. This is one of the only certainties there is. And while many of our technological achievements have had a damaging impact on the world around us, there are many that have recently been kicked into high gear and the public eye, ready to right the ship as best they can. Perhaps there is no going back, but we can certainly make it our mission to do better from here on out, and therefore preserve and protect the environment and Earth from further damage. We owe it to future generations, and to planet Earth and all that inhabit it, to try. Quite simply, this is too important. And solar energy could well be one of the driving forces that make the most difference today, and going forward. Solar energy is working to establish a new norm, and we must all strive to get behind the movement and help propel it forward into the future.

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