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The world has been filled with many innovative technologies over the years, and each of them have had their own substantial and unique impact on the way of the world. Regardless of if it is the digital technology behind the websites on the worldwide web (consider this company, for instance), or the more advanced technologies that are shaping up to be life-changing (think artificial intelligence, machine learning, and prosthetic tech, for example), the point remains the same: the world is hinged on advances of digitalisation and keen intrigue of the technological innovations that are seemingly always around us. In any form, technology is all about giving rise to a better way. The ideals that frame technological innovation are convenience, efficiency, speed, and ease of access. Every successful innovation in technological advancement has successfully encompassed all four of these ideals, and perhaps none has achieved it so smoothly, so eloquently as AI (artificial intelligence technology).

It was not always this way. AI capability was once something that was nothing more than the exciting storyline of best-selling novels and cinematic blockbusters. All the adventure, chaos, and exhilaration of AI technology was nothing more than a glitzy hypothetical brought to vivid life for a few hours. In each of these films and books, there is a point where everything seems to be going perfectly, and then the AI becomes a haphazard mess, often shifting swiftly from being the hero of the story to the villain. This has been done countless times in films, television, and novels. It is still done now. The only difference between then and now is that we are now seeing the development or AI in real life. These days, AI capability is something that is included in technological innovations all around us – and many of these innovations are so subtle that one may not even realise they are in practice. We have become so comfortable, so familiar with technology these days, that we seldom stop to consider just how that technology came to fruition.

Recent years have seen a meteoric rise in technological innovation, with each passing year becoming more and more innovative and impressive. 2019 is set to be the biggest year yet for technological advancement, with AI leading the charge. Every year, it seems that technological advancement becomes more and more significant, and every year we see bigger, better, and grander innovations take place. In the land of AI innovation and further advancement, the focus has been on strengthening its position. One of the biggest aims in AI technology as of late has been to initiate widespread automation. The appeal in automation is that it targets some of the more tedious, time-consuming, and gritty work, and takes it out of the hands of the person, automating it and making it far easier by all counts to control and carry out. This is an exciting innovation because it means that, thanks to AI, we are more comfortably able to dedicate efforts and time to other, more demanding aspects of work.

And AI is not just being used in the world of business, either. In fact, AI (and specifically automation) has been utilised in industries like education, healthcare, automotives, agriculture, science, security, or the arts (to name a few key industries that have felt its keen sting in recent years). The whole point of AI is to create a better way (as is the point of practically any facet in technological innovation and further digitalisation), and in this respect it has done exactly that, time and again, across varying industries. The exciting part for AI now is the application of automation on a larger scale. While currently we only see automation in relatively small scales, we are beginning to see it rolled out at a more extravagant level. Consider, for example, the rising movement of the semi-autonomous vehicle. A seemingly simple achievement in a world full of impressive feats of technological power, this is AI and automation at its finest.

The modern world is positively immersed in and surrounded by technological advancements and further innovations. We have created the world to be the way that it is, determined to speed up our own species’ progress. At the forefront of all this seemingly constant advancement is the rise of artificial technology. Decades ago, AI was largely hailed as the stuff of entertainment blockbusters and best-selling novels, and nothing more. Fast forward to today, however, and AI is all around us. From the automated email responses we can set for our work away messages, to the technology that makes semi-autonomous vehicles a reality on the roads today, like it or not, AI is all around us. And this is likely just the beginning of what is going to be a very long and healthy reign in the digital world. AI capability is just now reaching a point of further upscaling, and there are more exciting innovations on the horizon, ready to take this technology to the next level and change the world even more so.

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