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The United States of America prides itself on many things. From having one of the oldest constitutions in the world to being the world’s largest military power and maintaining a fierce capitalist economy, the United States continues to be a leading global powerhouse that will conquer, control, expand, and innovate new ways of thinking of growing. The United States only became such a powerhouse due to their efforts to have one of the most educated workforces in the world. Getting into a college in the United States can be tough if one does not know how to properly prepare. Because collegiate admissions in the U.S. is strongly dependent on previous academic records, maintaining excellent grades and test scores is one of the best ways to ensure admission into a top U.S. school.

One of the first things a student can do is make sure that they are making the best high school grades possible. Having perfect marks on their academic record is one of the first things that admissions committees look for. If a high school student feels as though they are struggling in their academics, hiring a personal tutor can be highly beneficial for the current and future status of the student. Private tutors can benefit students with advice and expert research. Tutors are able to seek out where students may be struggling with their academics and from there help students make their weaknesses their strengths and help their strengths further expand. English tutoring will be able to help strengthen core skills such as research and writing.

Aside from making sure that a student has perfect grades, a great way to make sure a student is accepted into a top U.S. college or university is by taking the required college entrance exams. These are usually the ACT and SAT. These two standardized tests put an empirical value the plausible future success of student. These are also the tests that are utilized in selecting and giving scholarships to students that have the top grades coupled with perfect grades. These tests can require a certain amount of preparation before a student takes them. Because there is no one way to study for the SAT or ACT, students may want to first see where their strengths and weaknesses are and then learn different study habits that will help them excel in all testing subject areas. Some college students make claims of one test being easier for them than another, but it is truly and individualistic perspective on standardized test taking at the ability of each student. To optimize chances that a student will be selected for admission, they should take both tests to see which they score better on. If students are finding it difficult to develop effective study habits, then they should research getting a possible private tutor or enroll in a prep course that will teach them how to take the test. Because standardized tests like the SAT and ACT are often more about learning how to take the test rather than doing logical knowledge analysis, it’s important that students familiarize themselves with question types. Some portions make have a writing section of the test. For that reason, students may want to work on their writing abilities before selecting a writing portion of the exam.

Aside from just test scores and grades, U.S. colleges also look into what the student is like outside of their academics. Students should look into volunteer opportunities in their community. Being heavily involved in extracurriculars and community activities is always a great way to show that a student not only demonstrates excellent academic ability, but that they also can handle a rigorous schedule that involves other activities. Some colleges require so many volunteer hours before a student will be accepted. Starting earlier with volunteer options is the best way for students to show consistency in being involved in and out of an academic environment. Besides athletics and community volunteering, students may want to join a school club or service organization. Organizations like student council and mentoring programs demonstrate leadership abilities to college admissions committees. These types of clubs and programs can be highly beneficial on a college application.

Before applying to a U.S. school, an important step is first researching the school and what types of programs they offer students. Understanding the atmosphere of each school will help students when filling out their application. If students have a current or past teacher, coach, or community leader that is willing to write them a letter of recommendation for their reference form this can be highly beneficial for the student’s application. Along with letters of recommendation, it’s important that the student work on their writing skills for the applications that request a personal essay from the student explaining why they want to attend a certain college or university. Being able to cohesively and effectively write a personal essay is an important step in demonstrating successful academic ability.

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