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We live in a world that is entirely immersed in feats of digitalisation and technological advancement. Everywhere we look, it seems like digitalisation has taken hold. No industries are immune, no aspects of modern life have been left untouched – especially entertainment. The world of visual entertainment has been given a digital-age facelift in recent years. Fronting this next digital innovation in film and television is the rise in popularity of streaming services like Foxtel, Netflix, Stan, and Hulu. Streaming services have been getting bigger in the last ten years, and since Netflix began to produce its own films, available only on the service, the interest has been peaking yet again. While there will always be the magic of the cinema experience, it looks like the age of streaming service domination is well and truly hitting the visual entertainment industry. The latest company to throw their hat into the streaming service ring is none other than animation sensation and all-round entertainment titan, Disney.

We have all felt the magical wonder when it is announced that there are new Disney movies coming out soon. We have all felt the thrill of knowing we can soon deep-dive into a new world in the Disney universe. This feeling is familiar to all of us with a soft spot for the animation studio. Some would even say that feeling is nostalgic. The rising popularity of the top streaming services has had an intrinsic effect on the way that people consume entertainment. These days, people have the opportunity to watch blockbusters and binge-watch their favourite television series in top-quality from the comfort of their very own homes. Of course, there is still something exciting about going out to the movies, but the thrill of having viewer’s choice from the couch at home, or lying in bed after a long day, has people hooked. And Disney has noticed this. After having some of its fan favourites available on Netflix, for example, the company has begun to pull its content from the streaming giant, gearing up for the release of its own streaming company.

While existing streaming websites like Netflix and Hulu have established a strong foothold in the sector, a reigning entertainment empire like Disney entering the race is bound to shake up the industry, quite possibly even taking streaming services like Netflix down a few pegs in the process. Already having Hulu and ESPN+ in their visual entertainment squad, Disney’s streaming service baby, aptly named Disney+ is set to be released later this year. In preparation of the launch of Disney+, the company has begun pulling its films and shows from streaming giants like Netflix, in a bid to make Disney content exclusively viewable in the streaming world on its own service. While the move has been in talks since as late back as 2017, the buzz surrounding it has kicked into high gear in the last year, as Disney publicises its motion more and more in the lead up to its global release.

Walt Disney’s infamous entertainment marvel has been weaving magic for decades, awe-inspiring and exciting generations of eager viewers. Many other companies would feel shy, going into such an exceedingly competitive entertainment sector, but Disney has the reputation, and the miles, to go the distance with ease, even rapid velocity. Millions of people are already eagerly awaiting the release of Disney+, willing to pay whatever price the company demands. And while of course it will be difficult for Disney to overthrow streaming service leaders Netflix and Foxtel, if the buzz is anything to go by, it will easily rise to the same rank in no time – if any at all. Further, if the roaring and constant success of Disney’s feature films and television shows to date is anything to go by, Disney will soon dominate the streaming service facet of entertainment, too.

Streaming services have been giving the traditional cinema experience a run for its money for the last ten years or so, and now the race is kicking into high gear as animation titan Disney throws its hat into the ring. There is no other film or television producing company that carries the same depth of storytelling mastery and creative vision, that Disney has managed to design so effortlessly since the dawn of its inception. And as we now live in a world that is positively surrounded by digitalisation and rapid technological advancement, there is something to be said for digital marvels in entertainment, like streaming services. With the upcoming worldwide release of Disney+, Disney is aiming to take over the world of streaming services, further strengthening its position as the leading company in visual entertainment. This is only the beginning, and only time will tell just how successful Disney+ will prove to be against its streaming services competitors.

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