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The Politics Of Household Maintenance and Chores

March 26, 2019

Prior to the 1960s, living together before marriage was not socially acceptable nor was it the done thing. But over time this has changed in a big way: 9.2 per cent of millennials are now cohabiting – a 59 per … Continued

In ever-evolving marketplace, jewellery holds its place

March 18, 2019

We live in a world of our own design, where we are positively surrounded by and immersed in an increasingly competitive marketplace. We often go about our daily business, entirely or at the very least partially aware that our perception … Continued

Side-stepping the epidemic of student loans and debt

March 17, 2019

High student loan debt is a major issue for millions of Americans. If you’re a current college student, you should be doing everything in your power to avoid a similar fate. But without a scholarship, what are your options? The … Continued

Cybersecurity a primary concern in modern society

March 5, 2019

The world was not always the way that it is today. The modern world is one that has been built largely around technological advancement and rapid digitalisation. We have spent decades working tirelessly to create the world that we now … Continued