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When it comes to understanding the impact of diet and exercise on our overall health, we have gained a significant level of awareness and knowledge over the years. When it comes to understanding the impact of our sleeping pattern, however, there is still much to be discovered and spread throughout the land in terms of awareness and progression towards active solutions. Our sleeping pattern is a facet of our lifestyles that is intrinsically linked to overall health, and it is about time that we began giving it the attention to detail that it so rightfully deserves. We owe our bodies that much. Every single day we put our bodies through continuous movement and work, and to deny our bodies the sleep they need at the end of the day is cruel, almost a punishment from ourselves for ourselves. Our bodies need to sleep to be able to replenish our energy levels overnight, right the vessel, and adequately prepare ourselves for the next day. When we do not give our bodies the rest that they genuinely need to shift positively from one day into the next, we do ourselves and our bodies a disservice, and we suffer as a result.

There are so many moving pieces in the realm of the sleep-health industry the world over. From the latest mattress trends and material impactors, to the best essential oil blends for bringing on active and solid sleep, we are more interested in the idea of sleep than we perhaps are with the action of it. But, if we are to gain a strong understanding of the importance of sleep in the body’s grand scheme of health, we must first do the research and the work to make it so. There can be no progress without action. There is something intrinsically fascinating about the concept of advocating for and encouraging a healthy sleeping pattern, because we spend so much of our time focusing on perfecting our sleeping spaces, but not so much on perfecting our sleeping patterns themselves – which are obviously just as important (if not more) than the space we sleep.

Sleep helps to solidify the memory. This is common knowledge. It is also one of the most important health benefits of getting a good night’s sleep and maintaining a healthy sleeping pattern. In addition to this, is a long list of other health risks that are associated with inadequate sleeping habits. The list includes (but is not limited to) higher risk of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, loss of cognitive function, and even infertility in females in dire cases. We often function with the mindset that going to sleep an hour later will not have much of an impact (if it even has one at all), but in fact quite the opposite happens – particularly if we make an unhealthy habit out of it. Taking adequate care of our bodies has always been important, but it is more than that we genuinely listen to them.

It is about high time that sleep is recognized to be as important as healthy dietary intake and physical exercise, for both physical and mental health. People today are so busy that they run around and prioritize other aspects of their health, leaving little to no room for the necessary (even crucial) prioritization of their sleeping habits. We have never before lived in a world this chaotic and constantly changing, and for this reason it is more important than ever that we get the right amount of sleep every night. We want to live our healthiest lives, and getting the right amount of quality sleep in is such an important part of that ongoing process. In taking positive care of our sleeping patterns, we inevitably create a positive healthy habit that carries multiple benefits, including the significant decrease (even dissipation, in many cases) of health risks like obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia – to name a few.

We have a strong understanding and overall grasp on the impact that diet and exercise have on our overall health, but when it comes to our sleeping pattern we tend to lack the same depth of awareness and knowledge. In short, our bodies perform at their best when they are well rested, and denying them the chance to get that rest is unfair. Our bodies literally carry us through every day and bring us safely to sleep every night, so the least we can do is ensure that we are fueling them with enough exercise, healthy foods, and rest. In a world where we have so much advancement surrounding us, our health is one thing that we cannot replace. The need to take adequate care of our bodies has never been so imminent, and we must answer the call.

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