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Education is the only weapon society has against ignorance. It is a way to instill knowledge in students so that global societies will continue to advance toward solutions that will solve some of the largest problems humanity faces today. As an increased concern for education becomes a top priority for governments, it is important to understand that although they may be political leaders, politicians are not always teachers, yet they are the deciding factor in how much a teacher is paid each year. This is a unique way to go about things but understandingly necessary for democracy. Teachers and the public alike continually preach the message of a demand in pay increase because it is somewhat unfathomable that teachers are paid so little in many areas of the world. Teaching is a truly selfless expression and career path that can help with the smallest and largest problems. From writing an essay online to inspiring young minds to grow, teachers are amazing humans.

Some people never have children and others have a large family. Those on the average size of population choose to reproduce one or two, at the most three. For teachers, they spend 8 hours a day with 20-30 kids. They dedicate their life career to teaching their students math, reading, science, history, technology, related arts and so much more. It is interesting that some think of teachers as just a simple body in a classroom facilitating discussions among students. Teachers must learn to be a fierce advocate and trusted friend to their student. They must be at the first aid of some students and the crying shoulder of another. Teachers will learn to manage the behavior of sometimes 30 kids at once. Many parents can tell you taking care of just one is enough, and to imagine 30 may be a nightmare to some. However for teachers all across the world, they wake up early each day ready to take on whatever day is a head. They get to school before students arrive and leave after they depart on buses, in cars, or on foot. They make sure they enter and exit school safely each day. The role a teacher takes on is something that only other teachers understand. No amount of reading can truly ever explain what it is like to run a classroom until someone just does it.

Many teachers can also explain that teaching varying age groups is a world of difference. Teaching kindergarten versus almost high school graduates demands two vastly different teaching styles and methods. Teachers must not only understand how to effectively teach the material so that students understand and retain in, but they must also cultivate a thorough understanding for how students are developmentally growing physically and mentally. The mental growth of a five or six year old differs greatly to that of even a seven or eight year old. All of these factors don’t even begin to number the challenges that teachers face on a daily basis.

One who is not a teacher may make the assumption that teaching is simply demonstrating and explaining material, yet that is the easy part. The most difficult challenge a teacher will face is learning how to manage a classroom with each student having a unique mind and pattern of behaviors. All the clashing or meshing personalities partnered with different learning developments in one classroom can make for quite the concoction of students. Students must learn how to effectively interact with one another to gain the most out of their learning experience. Although, it is inevitable that some students will argue. Bullying can become an issue in classrooms if it is not handled properly. Assessing logical consequences to actions is an effective behavioral management technique when done properly. This means that utilizing responsive classroom techniques can only be done when all students are engaged. It can be incredibly difficult to get every single student engaged in what the teacher is explaining, but some of the best teachers can do it by giving proper discipline before instruction.

If students walk into a classroom and are not given any rules, they will assume they can do whatever they want. It is better to explain the rules on the first day of class with continual reminders throughout the year than to wait for someone to break a rule that they didn’t even know was a rule in the first place and then they are in trouble.  This will lead to defiance behaviors and group mentalities that are unsure of their limitations.

As a teacher or someone who advocates for teachers, it is important to understand how selfless, critical, important, and demanding their job is. The work day is not done when students leave. Lesson plans must be made, and there seems to always be papers to grade. A forty minute planning period each day is not always enough time to do all of what is asked for by a teacher.

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