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A marketing shift to consumer focus

January 22, 2019

We have entered a unique age where everything is at least partially digital. Everywhere we look, there is a digital aspect in vivid motion, functioning like it was always there (even though it definitely was not). Entire industries have experienced … Continued

Trump may move to end NATO alliance

January 16, 2019

It’s something Russia has been striving to achieve since the end of World War II: topple the NATO alliance. The threat of nuclear armageddon. Espionage. Assassination. Information manipulation. All have been wielded by Moscow against the West with varying degrees … Continued

States hurry to fix health-insurance markets

January 15, 2019

Not long ago, America’s health-insurance markets seemed to be drying up. In June 49 counties lacked any willing providers for the “individual market”, which serves 18m Americans who are not covered by an employer or the government. The Affordable Care … Continued